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Lily Fantasia

Wiseye Studio is currently developing Lily Fantasia: a PC rhythm game themed around “playing a magic piano!”
While it is still in development, you can already find it on Steam. Be sure to add it into your wishlist!

A Magically Musical Journey!

In a fantastical world where different magical races and humans intertwine, you are a piano prodigy whose talents have gone unrecognized. To care for your ailing mother, you resolutely abandoned the path of becoming a pianist. However, your mother’s condition worsens, and before you realize it, your only family member is at death’s door.

At that moment, a mysterious vampire, Lily, appears before you. Only by embarking on a musical journey with her can you save your one and only mother!

Gameplay Preview

Story Journey

In “Story Journey,” you will step on a musical journey with the mysterious vampire, Lily. Only by defeating the Demon King with your magical piano and obtain the Golden Apple, a cure-all for all diseases, can save your sick mother!

Besides a fully featured Visual Novel, every song in Story Journey will have its own unique playstyle, so every song will be a unique experience for the players!

Lily’s Practice Room

In “Lily’s Practice Room,” you can freely choose the songs you want to play. Currently, the game is expected to include 20 songs from various musicians for you to experience!

In addition to playing songs, you can also turn on the Special Mode to limit the amount of mistakes you can make.

For example, if you turn on the “Expert Concert” mode, your life will be deducted when you make a mistake. If you make a mistake, your life will be deducted, and if your life is zero, your performance will immediately fail!

For those who want perfection, you can also turn on the “Perfect Concert” mode. If you make a mistake, you will die immediately! Are you ready to show your perfect rhythm?


  • An easy to pick up, hard to master gameplay!
  • Fully featured Visual Novel and special playstyles in Story Mode.
  • 20+ songs from musicians all over the world.

Development Screenshots

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