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Lily Fantasia 2024 Music Submission Starts Now!

You heard it right! Our new game Lily Fantasia has officially started its first Music Submission event, starting from now to 2024, July 22nd!
Musicians from all over the world, now it’s your chance to shine! Enter our submissions, and have your songs reviewed by our renowned judges!
* Please refer to the rules below for more information and guidelines.

Rules & Guidelines

Submission Period

Start Date: June 7
Deadline: July 22


The panel consists of Ice, KIVΛMKII, PYKAMIA, and 3R2.
Judges will evaluate submissions based on “Composition,” “Arrangement,” “Sound Design,” and “Mixing.”

Submission Eligibility

  • Submissions are open to individuals aged 18 and above.
    • If under 18, the entrant must have prior consent from a legal guardian.
  • Each entrant can submit up to three songs.
  • Collaborative works are allowed, but each person can still only submit a maximum of three songs.

Submission Requirements

  • The entrant must own the full rights to the submitted work.
  • Submissions do not have to be songs created specifically for this event, but can not have been used in other commercial or non-commercial projects.
    • Additionally, submissions can not have already participated in other rhythm games’ music submissions, either.
  • There are no restrictions on genre or style.
  • The length of the submission must be between 1 minute 50 seconds and 3 minutes.
  • Submissions must be mixed.
  • Additionally, the entrant must “publicly share the submission on social media” and “use the hashtag #LilyFantasiaSubmission2024.”
    • Entrants may choose the social media platform to use, such as YouTube, Twitter, etc.
    • It is not necessary to upload to all social media platforms; one is sufficient, but Wiseye Studio welcomes broader sharing.

Information and Submission Method

Upon completion, please email the submission details to: with the following format:

Email Subject:

【Lily 2024 Submission】Song Title

Email Body:

  1. Your name or team name (the name you want to be displayed in-game).
  2. Team members: If you are participating as a team, list all team members.
  3. Song title.
  4. Song genre.
  5. Whether the song was specifically created for this contest (aka, if your song is original for this event or not).
  6. Social media link to the publicly shared song.
  7. Your email address.

Email Attachments

  1. Song File:
    • Format: Mixed, 48000 Hz, 24-bit WAV file.
    • File name: song.wav
  2. Song BPM:
    • Format: Plain text file (txt)
    • Name: bpm.txt
    • If BPM does not change, provide the BPM directly.
    • If BPM changes, include the millisecond timings of the changes.
  3. Song Description:
    • Format: Plain text file (txt)
    • File name: info.txt
    • Description: A brief description of the song in Japanese, Chinese (under 300 characters) or English (under 500 characters).
  4. Lyrics (if applicable):
    • Format: Plain text file (txt)
    • File name: lyrics.txt
    • Lyrics must be in English, Japanese, or Chinese. If in another language, provide a translation in English, Japanese, or Chinese.

Post-Submission Processing

  • Wiseye Studio will review all submissions and select a certain number for inclusion.
  • Unselected submissions will not be used or made public in any form by Wiseye Studio.
  • Wiseye Studio will not share the entrant’s information with third parties unrelated to the event without consent.
  • Selected entrants will be contacted by Wiseye Studio for copyright inclusion.
  • Until the inclusion of copyright is confirmed, the entrant retains full rights to the song.
  • Prior to copyright inclusion, Wiseye Studio will not use the submission in any form.
  • If the submission is not selected, Wiseye Studio will notify the entrant separately.


  • Wiseye Studio reserves the right to determine the final number of selected songs.
  • Wiseye Studio reserves the right to interpret the rules of the event.